Barclays is currently the second-biggest bank in the UK, with millions of customers signing up to its account range. However, not all of the bank accounts on offer are quite the same – some charge a fee for their services, in return for various benefits. These are known as packaged bank accounts Barclays packaged accounts mostly offer insurance policies – travel insurance, home insurance, mobile and gadget insurance, identity theft protection, breakdown cover, or warranty cover. Some include will-writing, airport lounge memberships and “lifestyle management” services.

Monthly account fees range from £6.50 to £25. However, some people may have been sold these accounts without knowing what the benefits are, or without actually qualifying for the insurance policies.
If you’re paying a fee for your Barclays account – check your statements – it may be a packaged bank account. There may be multiple ways in which these bank accounts could have been mis-sold.

At Insito Claims, we operate on a no-win-no-fee^ basis. So if you’re in any doubt about your packaged account from Barclays, give us a call or fill in our enquiry form.