Bank charges recovery process step by step

Upon the receipt of your complaint , we will designate an expert, who will handle your matter from the beginning until conclusion. The expert will be at your disposal at any given time.

The process consists of three direct steps:

1. Call or fill in a form on-line

Simply give us a call, or input your details on our homepage and we’ll call you. After you’ve discussed your circumstances with our trained claims agent over the phone, if we think you may be due a refund, we’ll send out a claim pack with a return envelope.

2. We will send you the documents to fill.

Check that your details are correct, tick off the reasons you believe you have been mis-sold a packaged bank account, and complete and sign the declarations – our terms of service, and a letter of authority that allows us to act on your behalf.

3. Our experts will advise you on the claim process.

We will regularly update you about the progress of your claim. At any given time you are welcome to contact us to find out at what stage of development your claim is and how long it will take before its conclusion.

Find out if you have a packaged bank account

Check if you are eligible for reclaiming bank charges