Ulster Bank - uFirstGold Packaged Bank Account

Ulster sold different types of Packaged Bank accounts. Below is some information about the features that came with the Ulster uFirstgold Current Account:

Mobile Phone Insurance: This packaged bank account came with cover for mobile and smartphones anywhere in the world. This covered against loss, theft, accidental damage including water damage and malicious damage. The account holder would also receive a replacement phone within 48 hours if necessary.

Worldwide Travel Insurance: The account also included multi-trip travel insurance for the account holder and their family. The policy covered for trips of up to 31 days at a time and offered 17 days worth of winter sports cover per year.

Ticket Booking Service: Ulster uFirstgold Account holders could receive 25% cash back on tickets for various performances throughout the UK and Ireland. Account holders can receive cash back on up to four tickets per event.

Dining Discount: Another feature of the account was a Dining Discounts. The account holder could receive 25% of their food and drinks bill at a range of restaurants across Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Lifestyle Manager: UFirstgold members could benefit from a lifestyle manager service. This included getting tickets for exclusive events and booking tables at top restaurants all over the world.

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