RBS Royalties Gold Packaged Bank Account

RBS sell many types of Packaged Bank accounts. Below is some information about the fees and features that came with the RBS Royalties Gold Current Account:

Monthly Fee: £12.95

Mobile Phone Insurance: This packaged bank account came with cover for mobile and smartphones. This covered against loss, theft, accidental or malicious damage and if the phone stops working.

UK & Worldwide Travel Insurance: The account also offered UK and worldwide travel insurance for multiple trips of up to 31 days. Account holders aged 70 years and over were required to pay an additional annual premium of £50.

UK Car Breakdown Cover: This policy offered account holders a callout service and roadside assistance anywhere in the UK. This also included transportation to a local repairer.

Extended Warranty Service: Royalties Gold customers could benefit from an extended warranty service. This added two years onto the original manufacturer’s warranty for most electrical goods.

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