Product Features of a Barclays First Additions Packaged Bank Account

Barclays Bank sold many types of Packaged Bank accounts. Below is some information about the fees and features that came with the Barclays First Additions Current Account:

Monthly Fee: £6.50

Mobile Phone Insurance: This packaged bank account came with worldwide cover for mobile and smartphones. This covers against loss, theft, breakdown and accidental damage.

Gadget Cover: The account also came with worldwide cover for gadgets such as tablets, laptops, camcorders, cameras, MP3 players. This offered protection against theft, breakdown, accidental and malicious damage.

Barclays no longer sell this bank account, but if you had a current account that came with the features listed above, it could have been a Barclays First Additions Current Account.

In July 2015, Barclays set aside £250 million for packaged bank account compensation. If you believe that a Barclays First Additions current account was mis-sold to you, we can help you make a claim.

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